October 4, 2011

Bringing out the Crazy

Back in August Janeane Garofalo, a comedian who fancies herself as a liberal policy wonk had some strong words about Herman Cain The best and most outrageous of which is when she decided that since he was a business man, he was probably being paid to run for president so conservatives didn't seem so racist.  Now, lets skip past how ridiculous the idea is that the former CEO of Godfather's pizza would be able to be bribed and dig down to the meat of the matter. 

The liberal elite can't imagine how an intelligent woman (Sarah Palin) or black man (Herman Cain) or black woman (Star Parker) could possibly believe morally or intellectually in 'conservative' small government ideals and morals, so they are reduced to name calling and conspiracy theories.  

In her latest rant, Garofalo decided that Herman Cain must be gaining popularity in the Republican primary because it hides our racism.  Right, so let me get this straight, I'm a traditional liberal (what is now labeled conservative) and so the fact that I am supporting Herman Cain must make me racist, because obviously I'm only supporting him to avert attention from my racism.  

Wait, what?

So, say Herman Cain makes it to the main contest, and it's him or Obama, will we still be racist for supporting Herman Cain?  

What if I reversed the argument?  Think about it, which party was formed with the abolition of slavery in mind, the democratic or republican party?  Which party was responsible for the president who ended slavery in the south?  The answer to both is the Republican party.  

Which party had a radical racist wing known for lighting crosses on fire and wearing white hoods?  Yup, that would be the democratic party.  The democrats were also the party of Robert Byrd who along with 17 other southern democrats and one republican filibustered the 1964 Civil rights act.  It seems to me that if any party were using someone (Obama) to hide their racism, it would be the democrats.

Now, I'm not seriously going to make the argument that Obama being selected by the democrats was massive guilt over their past racism, but painting the above scenario helps illustrate just how ridiculous the "right-winger, tea party people are racist" line really is.

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